Moving through the year with an awareness of the moon cycles is a beautiful way to connect with divine feminine energy and honour your path. It also a beautiful way to connect in with the energy of each moon cycle and the seasons. These readings will look at each moon for the year, drawing two cards for each moon cycle to sit in dialogue with each other and with the energy around that moon. Together they will offer insight to guide you throughout that lunar cycle.

What I discovered with the readings over the years is that they are more than just a reading- they are a container, a blessing and prayer and an energetic altar for your path over the 13 moons- they cast a blessing circle over your year. To this end I would like to hold any intentions or wishes you have for yourself in the coming year while I do the reading.

Each reading will be unique, including a pdf of the reading, photos of the cards drawn, an audio reading exploring the messages of the cards just for you, journaling questions and anything else that wants to be present for you (often these readings involve personalised ritual and messages from the holy trinity- animal, plant and stone allies, often times animals show up while I am reading the cards, recently Spider walked across a spread with specific messages, and Kookaburra showed up for another ) and always invoke the 5 elements, air, fire, water, earth & spirit. The reading will give you much to reflect on in order to understand what needs releasing, what needs strengthening, what lies beneath and to ultimately give you some clarity and clear some energy blocks.

13 moons readings for 2019- Now Closed

Recently I've been incorporating spirit journey work (similar to shamanic practices) into my readings which has added a rich layer of meaning and depth to the magic. If this calls you it is offered as an option. If you are curious about it, below you will find a beautiful and unsolicited reflection from a client (thank you Melinda Sabo)

The tarot is pure magic, grounded magic that gently mirrors your own magic and guides you on your path.

My readings are highly intuitive and designed to mirror what you already know, to validate your own truths and wisdom. This is a beautiful gift to give yourself to celebrate and welcome in the new year, and at the end of the 13 moons, offers a great way to reflect back over and integrate the years offerings. Checking in each month will also help you to align you with the ebb and flows of the moon and the energies that move us through the year.

These readings will be available until the 10th of December, (unless they all get claimed sooner). If this magic is calling you then please honour the energy and gift yourself this magic while there are spaces and time. The readings are quite involved and I like to hold space for the magic to come into so the readings will be back to you within a week or two. Please let me know if you would like a Southern Hemisphere Reading rather than the traditional Northern Hemisphere Reading.

The reading will go from the Cold Moon of 2018 (23 Dec) until the end of the 2019 Cold Moon phase. Of course working with mama nature's calendar, the lunar cylce, doesn't quite fit with our Western calendar so there is a bit of overlapping at each end, but then cycles never are definitive, just entry ways into new beginnings.


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