Angels in My Studio


This is is a mini workshop creating a journal page that was originally made as a module for the collaborative course Angels in My Studio. This is just my lesson where I create this page.

Self-paced with access to the classroom for a minimum of a year.

1 40 min video


Class Description: Angels in My Studio- Sacred Journaling

When I was asked to guide a class for “An Angel in my Studio” I was quite surprised, flicking back through my journal pages, to see just how often angels, spirits, and guides show up on my pages. They seem to invite themselves in and make themselves right at home there between the layers of both my paint and collage as well as in the layers of meanings and messages when I work with my hands and heart in alignment.
In my class, I will be guiding us through a sacred journalling exercise which will allow the angels to come in and interact with us in whatever way they feel the need to, imparting their wisdom and giving their messages in a spontaneous and revealing way while we work with our hands laying down paint and collage and listening with our open hearts to what wants to come forward.