newborn Sessions

The precious days of your babies are just a crack in time that fills so quickly with milestones and adventures.  Those moments of sleeping baby stillness, toddler’s silly toothless smiles and lazy days on the beach with your whole family in arms reach, quickly fly by and are imprinted in just a memory, a beautiful dream, your past.

I have been so honored to capture sacred moments for many beautiful families.  As a photographer, I capture life not only to enjoy at the moment, but also so you can archive for the future generations. I want those moments to always live for you.  I want you to be able to pass on the magic of your lives, scattering the light for years to come.

I have had the pleasure of photographing newborn babies and pregnant mamas since my own little angel blessed my life nearly 20 years ago. In that time thousands of families have graced my camera with their new beauty which has been my honour to witness. I ran a very busy and successful studio in Sydney for years before my family and I moved overseas for a few years. Now that we are back and nestled into the beautiful and quiet Blue Mountains I am again offering a few newborn session, only not on the scale and production of my former life.  I'm a home schooling mama with many creative activities and will only take on a few newborn shoots a month in order to be both available for my clients and to keep the shoots fresh and yummy. If you would like to have me photography your newborn baby please book in early :)

How it works

Firstly, have a look through my galleries and work to make sure that the style of newborn photography I create resonates with you. If that's a "YES, love it" then yay, I would be honoured to photograph your newborn baby.

Next fill out the form below so that we can get talking and I will get in touch with you to discuss how we can make some beautiful images happen for you. Obviously when you book in we can't know when your session should be scheduled for until after you are holding your little bub and have both caught your breath. However I am only taking a limited number of clients a month to ensure that once your baby does arrive we can be flexible with the time to suit you and your needs. *

My time:
    - The Session- usually takes around 2 hours, however babies can be unpredictable and oblivious to our time frame so sometimes longer is needed.
   - Post-production- the careful selection, editing and hand crafting of your images.
 Handcrafted Images:
    High resolution photos from your shoot. You will receive 10 beautifully and uniquely handcrafted images, carefully selected and processed all in high resolution ready to print or share. If you needadditional images because you know the session is going to be so juicy with magic then we can arrange that. This will be sent out a few weeks after our session, remember much of the magic happens after the shoot in the crafting of the images.

$600 with a $250 booking deposit when we schedule your time with the balance due at the time of the shoot.

If you would like to include a pregnancy shoot in your package then the exchange is $1200 (20 beautifully handcrafted images which we can load to the newborn session i.e. a couple of gorgeous pregnancy photos with the majority being of the newborn).

I am in the beautiful Blue Mountains in a cozy home studio (just as I started 20 years ago). If you are coming from Sydney or Lithgow, yes the drive is long (although beautiful) but the advantage is that your baby should get a wonderful sleep in the car which will be perfect for the shoot.

Fill out the form above and I will be in touch with you as soon as I can to let you know my availability and to get the ball rolling.

* Usually you will need to book before your newborn baby is born so as not to miss out and so that I can plan around what you are wanting (e.g. if you are wanting just a few days old then I need to keep my book open for fitting you in on short notice as soon as your baby arrives, and I also need to be flexible enough to be able to reschedule when life complicates things). However sometimes I have a spare spot because a baby needs to wait a bit for her session so always reach out and see if there are any last minute availabilities if you are finding your way here after your babies birth.