Mini Class- Calling in the Elements- $45

callingintheelements copy.jpg

In this class we will be Calling in the Elements to deepen our connection with both our artistic practice, the elements and ourselves. Through some intentional sacred journaling we will be accessing a deeper level of consciousness and bringing some of our personal symbolism to the fore.
Using collage, painting, doodling, free associative writing you will learn one method to use your art journal practice as both sacred play and personal exploration.

All levels welcome, our journal is a safe place for us to explore and play no matter what our experience is.

This is a mini self-paced class with videos for each of the elements that you can work with at your own pace, in the comfort of your jammies, at anytime. Access to the classroom is for 12 months (minimum).



For art journaling I recommend using what you have at hand, your familiar and trusted supplies, and new ones you are curious about getting to know.

Of course, an art journal is also the perfect place to experiment with new things in a safe space so I will supply the class with a comprehensive list of the supplies that I used in case there is something which piques your curiosity but otherwise use what you have.

Basics are gesso (both white and clear), acrylic paints, mark makers (pencils, pens, crayons, pastels), a gluing medium, and magazines for collage.