'Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.' Pablo Picasso

You love taking photos but somehow your images don't quite turn out the way you imagined.

You're overwhelmed by the choice of cameras on the market these days and are not sure where to start.

You have a camera but you are not quite on a first name basis yet.

You learnt photography back in the glory days of film and are not quite sure how it all works in the digital age.

You admire many photographs and wonder how they achieved this or that effect.

You want to add some more magic to your images.

You've tried to learn photography before but the technical side leaves you cold.

You just want to play and be creative and express your vision but the how is tripping you up.

Or perhaps you are just like me and the beauty of this world catches your breath and taking photos is a way 

to explore, hold and honour it all.



Camera Craft is designed to help demystify your camera and the technical side of photography, empowering you to follow your inspiration, and make expressive and beautiful images. It is photography 101 and it is so much more. I want the participants to walk away feeling like they have enough of a grasp of the technical stuff that they can really let their creative voices sing. Between all the samples and the guest contributors you wont be able to help but be inspired. 

The course is divided into two  5 week modules:

One of the greatest gifts photography has given me is the art of seeing...

The Art of Seeing

Covering the basics:

☆ Toys- Cameras, lenses, accessories

☆ Finding the Sweet Spot- Exposure (aperture/shutter/ISO)

☆ Making Friends with your Camera

☆ Ways of Seeing- Composition

☆ Now what- intro to processing

☆ The discerning eye- feedback and troubleshooting

Another is the living in the dance between Light & Shadow

Into the Light

Digging Deeper:

☆ Shooting in the Light

☆ The colour of things- white balance

☆ Beautiful Black & White

☆ The Holy Trinity- Portraiture, landscape and stills

☆ Playing in the digital darkroom

☆ Getting to the Heart of things- Textures & Layers

☆ It's the little things... macro photography

☆ The discerning eye- feedback and troubleshooting

     ☆ The content is delivered via a private classroom with lots of information in the form of text, videos and samples, plus many of the concepts are supported with slideshows to help the ideas to sink in and provide loads of inspiration. You will be inspired to try new techniques for yourself.

☆ Guest Contributors- I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to present this bonus magic delivered by such amazing guest photographers. The guest contributors are artists, professional photographers, self-taught or not but all of them are inspired and inspiring sharing some of their SoulFull adventures with their cameras in this series of bonus lessons (including Portraiture, Self-portraiture, Travel Tales and so much more). 

☆ We will also be studying under some of the Masters of Light.

☆ A sneak peek into our Camera Bags.

☆ Feedback to help you troubleshoot any issues.

After this Course:

☆ You will feel inspired

☆ You will feel connected to your camera and photography

☆ You will see more- light, shadow dance, details, magic...

☆ You will be more confident with your camera craft

☆ You will feel more relaxed with your big girl camera or more content with your point and shoot

☆ Did I mention inspired...

The Art of Seeing starts 31st of August

Into the Light starts 26th of October

Camera Craft- The Art of Seeing- $120  


Camera Craft- Into the Light- $120


 Camera Craft Bundle (both modules)- $200


Meet Our Creative and Passionate Guest Contributors:

Danielle Cohen

I am a photographer of intimacy, moments in between and full out embodied power. I work with creative mavens, lovers and beautiful humans ready and wanting to be seen or to see themselves more fully.  I love my big camera, my iphone camera and my old film and Polaroid cameras. 

The beauty I see in the world and people around me, soothes and inspires me, reflecting it back out for all to see, fills me with purpose and pleasure. It is my deep desire for each one of us to know our full worth and to be able to meet our own gaze and the gaze of others with pure love, profound respect and abiding compassion. You can find me here: http://www.danielle-cohen.com/

Stacy de la Rosa

I am a light + shadow seducer, devoted to seeing beyond the surface of the story through the magic of photography. 

My creative work is birthed from my soul work.

I long to live in a world where artists aren't starving, equality rules, and dancing is a daily requirement.

For more of my story: http://stacydelarosa.com/

Liz Lamoreux

Liz Lamoreux is on a path to help women build a bridge between their daily lives and their longings by making one move at a time. She’s the author of Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media, the jewelry artist behind Soul Mantras and Other Stories, and the creator of the Be Present Retreats. Most days you can find her telling stories with photos + words in her studio, taking breaks to dance it out to Johnny Cash, or making banana bread with her five-year-old daughter. Connect with her at www.lizlamoreux.com.

Jeanette Le Blanc

I am a writer, photographer and inspirationalist. I regularly consume ridiculous amounts of dark chocolate and red wine, crave the sound of crashing waves and wish people would stop putting olives on pizza.  I believe in the power of blood red candles, skeleton keys, whiskey on the rocks and a good fountain pen. I have a love affair with words (all of them, especially the bad ones) and am inspired by the intersection of shadows and light. Hopelessly idealistic and impossibly pragmatic, I fully believe that I will one day earn a *very* good living with my camera and my writing. In the event that Plan A doesn’t work out, I am willing to settle for a huge lottery win, or the generosity of a very rich benefactor. Either way, I have no intention of being a starving artist. Find me here: www.peacelovefree.com & www.jeanetteleblanc.com/blog/

Erin Faith Allen

Photographer, film maker, mixed media artist, sacred journaller, and workshop creatrix.

Moving through the world with a rare form of synesthesia, I experience life on a supernatural level.  Making art helps me process my existence with it’s richly cascading and intertwining sounds, textures, and colors.



Eileen West

 Photographer, life coach, e-course instructor, mama to two hilarious baseball playing teenage boys, believer in The Universe ...

http://www.westofwhimsy.com/   www.west.coach

Misty Mawn

Misty Mawn is a full time artist, mother, and workshop instructor. She spends every single day possible creating, playing, exploring, learning, and constantly being inspired and intrigued by everything around her. Her passion to create continues to bless her life with purposeful work and fulfilling adventures. When not in the studio she can be found amusing and being amused by her two darling children, cooking up come creative concoction in the kitchen, or strolling the back trails with her beloved camera in hand. She has been published in several mixed media art books and magazines, and is the author and photographer of Unfurling, a mixed media workshop.   She teaches mixed media art workshops internationally, locally, and online.  www.mistymawnart.com

Ashley Fincham 

As a Photographer: I want to make images that resonate deep within. Images that make you feel good. Images that feel like home.I know this life is like a lightening bolt; beautiful, electric and dancing. However it is fast and fleeting.  I believe wholeheartedly it is worth every bit of documenting. Lets celebrate the moment.Lets memorialize your one wild and precious life! 

As a Maker : The moment is my teacher. I am a studier of moments, through words, crafting mixed media art and photographs. I desire to create fires with my words, the kind of fire that burns up all that was wounded into ash. Ash from which the phoenix rises valiantly. I believe making art is mending. I am a born pilgrim, the world is a feast for the soul. I travel like a mad thing consuming all the textures, layers, love and beauty. I am devoted to undressing emotions and helping others share the raw and unfiltered truth of their  existence. Find her here: Website: http://aglobalwalk.com        Instagram: https://instagram.com/aglobalwalk 

Ivette Newport

I'm an artist, self-taught photographer, teacher, mother to two sweet daughters and wife to one super talented guy. My artwork stems from a deep desire to capture beauty - much like my photography - my goal is imbue each work with it's own unique beauty and mood.  Inspired by dreams, fairy tales, spiritualism and history, my work most often features a central female figure or figures. Vintage imagery, ephemera and elements add a sense of nostalgia and romance. I seek to tell a story, depict a journey or evoke a state of being within my works. Most times, these subjects are immersed in an otherworldly or ethereal surrounding rarely based on true locations but rather an inner world of subconscious and spirit. While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project my methodology is rather consistent. It is a layering process. Each layer builds upon the next resulting in an evolution of texture, color, pattern and shape. Through constant exploration of both media and concept, new inspiration grows and leads to the next body of my work. http://ivynewport.com/

Camera Craft Bundle- $200


Camera Craft- The Art of Seeing- $120


Camera Craft- Into the Light- $120



Who can sign up for this course?
This course is aimed at those who are either complete novices at photography or those who love taking photos but have a few holes in their technical skills which could use some support. It is not aimed at professional photographers or those who are already trained in photography (unless they are after a refresher course).

I’ve never done any art or anything like this before, can I still sign up?
Perfect, what a wonderful way to start.

What sort of equipment do I need to do this course?

A Camera- We will be looking at various cameras and it is my hope that by the end of the course you will know what your own personal needs for photography are. Perhaps you'll find that you need to upgrade your camera, perhaps you will discover that what you have is perfect for your particular needs. I encourage you to start with what you have and allow the course to unfold for you what you need although a camera that has settings beyond auto is important (you will be encouraged to take control of your camera and take it off auto). You may also want to have access to Photoshop for some of the processing of the images- Adobe runs a 30 day free trial so you can see whether or not you want to use it or not (don't start the trial until we are underway :) ).

Internet connection- you will need enough to be able to watch the videos and participate.

Do we have to send in assignments for feedback?

Feedback is totally optional and will be run via a video in the private classroom, our safe and nurturing environment. Whether you participate personally or just watch the feedback given to others, you will still learn much from the process for all, especially in terms of the technical side and camera settings.

I’m not on Facebook, can I still do the class?
You don’t need to be on Facebook to do the class, you can just work from the classroom if you like. I resisted signing up for Facebook for a long time and I am so glad that I finally did- the benefits of being in community with so many like minded people who are willing to share far out weighs any reservations I had. If you are on facebook and you join the group, we will all benefit from the shared experiences, lessons and inspirations, including me (I can’t wait to be inspired by you all). It is totally your choice how you want to do this workshop.

Can I share the class with others?
I am pouring as much of this process and my heart into this project and class and I would really appreciate it if you didn’t share it with anyone who hasn’t signed up for it. It is both good Karma and good manners :)

Can I share what I do in the course?
Absolutely, of course, I would love a mention and a link back and there is a button you can pop up on your blog if you would like (I would be so grateful).

What photography and teaching experience do you have?

I'm a professional photographer who now teaches at the tertiary level. I studied photography for 4 years at a technical college while assisting and learning under many professional photographers. I then became studio manager to a commercial studio of 5 photographers before venturing out as a freelance photographer. Then my son came along and that changed everything. I opened my studio, Newlife Photography, which I ran for over 12 years before moving countries. I've taught photography to adults both at retreat workshops, online and at the tertiary level, as well as children at high school. I also trained all the staff at my studio to both shoot and in postproduction. You can find out more about me here.

How long will the class be ?

The class runs for 2 modules of 5 weeks each. You can sign up for one or both modules.

How long will I have access to the class?
You will have access to the classroom for  a year so that you have plenty of time to work through the material and grow your skill set and you don't have to worry about falling behind. The Facebook group will stay open so that the community there can continue to inspire each other and share knowledge :)

Once I sign up for the course can I change my mind?

Sorry, but all sales are final, once you have signed up there are no refunds for this course.


Camera Craft Bundle- $200


Camera Craft- The Art of Seeing- $120


 Camera Craft- Into the Light- $120