Circling with The Goddesses : Together we Circle with the Goddesses exploring their gifts as well as ways to bring more of their energy into our own lives. This will be free form, heart led exploration, with each of us coming to our own wisdom. This is an invitation to explore and dialogue with the Goddesses, the course is merely the container for us all to open up to our own lessons. I will be right there in circle with you..

These courses are gentle medicine where you get to choose how you show up to this work.

Free Offering- Circling with Bhuvaneshwari

Bhuvaneshwari is the Mother of all Mothers, Great Mother, Cosmic Yoni- she births the world that she is. She is the space between thoughts, the pause between breaths and the silence between the notes, she is also, of course, the thoughts, the breaths and the music itself.

♥  Support
♥  Space Holding
♥  Sacral & Ajna/Crown Chakras
♥  Manifestation & Infinite possibilities
♥  The Space within Yes & No

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