Circling with The Goddesses : Together we Circle with the Goddesses exploring their gifts as well as ways to bring more of their energy into our own lives. This will be free form, heart led exploration, with each of us coming to our own wisdom. This is an invitation to explore and dialogue with the Goddesses, the course is merely the container for us all to open up to our own lessons. I will be right there in circle with you..

These courses are gentle medicine where you get to choose how you show up to this work.

Self Study Sessions:

These previous live sessions are now being offered up as self paced offerings. Each session contains the magic of the live session, as the circle exists outside of both time and space, while allowing you to dive deeply with each goddess, taking your sweet delicious time, devouring it all in complete immersion or lingering in their embrace. Details for each session can be found below.
For more information on each session scroll down.
All self paced sessions are $45 ea.

Kuan Yin
opened up MY heart “and my” self...
I cracked open today in yoga class.
cried cried cried
the woman next to me said she was jealous LOL
we both know that kind of opening doesn’t happen if you try “force” or make happen.
we both knew it was a gift
I was so grateful to find the space and openness to let go.
this kind of Release and just be with my pain and emotion.
I will share with my class next time how I worked with you and Kuan Yin
This gift you have given us
Thank you from every part of me. Kuan Yin walks with me now blessing me along each step
Thanks to YOU!
— Denise Stensland
To all I LOVED being in the Kuan Yin circle. Major medicine. So effortless and yet I have not had such movement in ages. Well I would say more I experienced healing. I am in for all the goddess circles forever! Love that you are sharing your access to healing Galia Alena. It is a gift…I am sure it is surprising that holding us in circle in your magical heaven and opening our hearts with your art and voice is powerful and causes shifts! I am so grateful you are willing to share the nectar. I am still loving Kuan Yin. I hope there are a 100 goddesses.
— Kate Hebler
I didn’t know what to expect from “Circling with the Goddesses -Kuan Yin.” I do know that I did not expect to be so moved. The exercises and journal questions are very introspective. I have been deeply moved by this Goddess of Compassion. The opening and closing were especially poignant for me. Galia’s gentle teaching has caused a wonderful shift in mind and spirit.
— Kathy Duncan
hat powerful work, infused with love and blessing, connecting us across time/space. Very blessed to have spent time with Kuan Yin via Galia Alena’s guidance and spirit. I look forward to continued work with both the Goddesses and Galia Alena.
— Heather McCathy Bradley

Circling with Kali

Kali Ma, liberator, Dark Mother, destroyer of limiting ego and negative karma, warrioress. This goddess is fierce power, cleansing and destroying in order to create. Goddess of time, her power is fierce but born of Divine & Loving Grace. She reveals what is real, destroying all that can be destroyed- what is left after all has been dissolved...

♥  Release
♥  Transformation
♥  Dark mother
♥  Tearing down



Circling with Artemis

Goddess of the Hunt & the Moon, protectress, Artemis is wild and independent with deep connections to the natural world and to her sisterhood. Virgin Goddess, she is unto herself, soul untouched, independent, self-sufficient and wild. She lives outside of societies proscribed place for women and follows her own truths and will.

♥  Unto herself
♥  Focusing on our goals
♥  Solar plexus
♥  Feminine ways of movement
♥  Moon Cycles



Circling with Cerridwen


Cerridwen is a Celtic Welsh Goddess- Keeper of the Cauldron of Memory, Transformation & Inspiration. She is one who conjures, draws down the moon, shape shifts and creates magic. Her cauldron can be seen as a metaphor for the womb or yoni, source and power of so much. She is seen as the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, yet is also the mother aspect and the often forgotten fourth aspect- Queen.

♥  Creative & magic cauldron
♥  Moon wisdom & cycles (Dark Moon Goddess), drawing down the moon
♥  Bone wisdom
♥  Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra
♥  Triple Goddess



Circling with Saraswati

Saraswati has been walking with me since I meet her in Bali many years ago. She is the Goddess of Flow, Inspiration, Sound, Truth and Wisdom. We'll be diving deep with mantra, sound, inspiration, hacking the flow, the muses, language, manifestation, the power of words, inner wisdom and speaking our truth. There is just so much to learn from Saraswati's gifts, she is the power behind creation.

♥  Flow
♥  Speaking our Truth
♥  Throat & Third Eye Chakras
♥  Sound
♥  Inspiration & creativity



Circling with Lakshmi

Lakshimi, Goddess of Beauty & Light, Good Fortune, Abundance, Shree,

Beauty & lightness, with such a smile she has stepped forward, her open heart touching all as it radiates out effortlessly. Oh with what delight I meet her as she steps forward to work with us this session. I sigh a breath of relief as Jai Ma Lakshmi wraps us in her motherly arms. I see her scattered and scattering as I walk with nature, as the sun shines down, as the moonlights the night and as I step forward to embrace life. Shree Lakshimi blessings and gratitude

♥  Gifts of Giving
♥  Gifts of Receiving
♥  The GreatFullness
♥  Creative Fertility
♥  Boundaries & openness
♥  Ordering our houses

We will be exploring the many gifts of Lakshmi, opening ourselves to the beauty and abundance of life, that which is all around, that which we call in, that which we create, that which we give freely.

Circling with Bhuvaneshwari

Bhuvaneshwari is the Mother of all Mothers, Great Mother, Cosmic Yoni- she births the world that she is. She is the space between thoughts, the pause between breaths and the silence between the notes, she is also, of course, the thoughts, the breaths and the music itself.

♥  Support
♥  Space Holding
♥  Heart, Sacral & Ajna/Crown Chakras
♥  Manifestation & Infinite possibilities
♥  The Space within Yes & No

Circling with Persephone

Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, Beloved Daughter, Goddess of Innocence and Growth, Hope

She intrigues me no end, this Queen of the Underworld and maiden Goddess of
Spring. Underestimated and over looked, dismissed as victim, child, pawn in the stories of others yet she is one who moves effortlessly between worlds, and dances in both the light and the shadow. She embodies the movements of life and death with such grace and isn’t scared to shadow mine. Dark feminine goddess, Goddess of Transformation, her gifts are as bountiful as the Spring she heralds.

♥  Shadow Mining
♥  Cycles
♥  Integration
♥  Rebirth & Transformation

We will be exploring the many gifts of Persephone, diving deep and meeting parts of ourselves and embodying her wisdom and power.

Circling with Kuan Yin


She's been calling to me, whispering "rest, rest your weary heart, I've got you, I've always had you", I see petals, roses, I see soft light, I feel warmth and tenderness. She is Fierce Gentleness. She is mama ocean of eternal love. This is what I need, what I’m yearning for, and, I'm trusting, perhaps you are yearningn it too.

♥  A soft place to fall,
♥   A nest fluffed with a thousand petals of fragrant rose and pure lotus,
♥  The ambrosial and nurturing sweetness of honey,
♥  Snugly and warm pajamas on a cold night,
♥  A release, a laying it all down, the weight of it given over.

You are held, you are loved you are, you are pure light
Do you know this? Will you allow this this?

♥  Building an altar
♥  Journaling, writing,
♥  Guided meditations
♥  A look at transfiguration
♥  Vision board/visual journal/collage
♥  ReMothering ourselves
♥  Working with the chakras -sacral, heart & crown
♥  Calling in plant allies

Kuan Yin is the mother of compassion, of love and grace. She is the one who hears all the cries of the world and sweeps them up in her loving, all encompassing and expansive arms.

Is this course only for women?

No, these self paced courses are available for anyone who wishes to dialogue with the Divine Feminine who dwells within us all.

Is this virtual or in-person?

This is virtual and online.  You can access the workshop anytime from anyplace with a good internet connection.

I’m not on Facebook, can I still do the class?

You don’t need to be on Facebook to do the class- these sessions are not the live sessions where we gathered together to do the work together but are self paced and don't have the Facebook support. However, the circle exists beyond time and space so you will still be embraced by the collective energy of the circle.

How long will I be able to access the workshop?

The workshop are accessible for a minimum of six months after the session begins.

Once I sign up for the course can I change my mind?

Sorry, but all sales are final, once you have signed up there are no refunds for these courses, Please be ready to dive deeply with the Goddesses and the community of sisters we shall create doing some beautiful and transformational work.         

What happens after I purchase the workshop?

You will be redirected back to my site to complete your registration and then you should automatically receive an email with access to the classroom (you may wish to add my email address to your contacts to help with any spam filters- if you haven't received an email after 24 hours and can't find it in either your spam junk or promotional folders please contact me for assistance). Please be ready to do some beautiful and deep work.