Claiming Your Mythos


This is is a mini workshop creating a journal page that was originally made as a module for the collaborative course 21 Secrets, 2014. This is just my lesson where I create this page.

Self-paced with access to the classroom for a minimum of a year.

2 videos (approx 45 mins)


Class Description: Claiming Your Mythos

The stories we tell ourselves, whether we created them ourselves or we were given them by others, are very powerful in shaping both our lives and how we see ourselves. Every memory we have is the memory of a memory remembered- in other words a retelling in someway of the reality. How are your stories retold in your memory?.

In this exercise we will be taking one of our stories, perhaps one which doesn’t serve you well, one which dis-empowers you in someway, one in which you left some part of your spirit behind,  and rewriting with a new spin, a twist that allows you to be the hero in someway so that you are empowered.