Here we meet in collaboration to see how I can serve you on your path, it's an uncoaching of sorts, medicine unique for you. I will be your guidess helping you find your own way, your own magic, your own unfolding.

These sessions are magical and mysterious and intuitively led. I draw on all the tools in my cauldron- Tarot, Reiki, energy reading, deep listening, shamanic practices, mythology and archetypes, rituals and creative practices along with the holy trinity of Earth Medicine animal guides, plant spirits and crystal tribes. We follow the energy as I guide you to heal yourself.

I see you as a conduit with a million refined facets, so things move thru & you provide a reflection inside that’s at once holographic of the truth & the truth of chaos, incongruency & options. What comes thru, with an edge of rigor, is nothing short of splendid.
— Maya Corrine Hackett


The sessions are containers for us to work in unison with spirit and what is given for you.

There is no exact plan, trust is required. Each session unfolds as it needs to, uniquely tailored to you. It might look like casting some cards,  a journey, perhaps we will speak face to face, perhaps I will give you some exercises and rituals to perform or record a personalised guided practice for you to work with. I recommend the group of 4 sessions for deep diving and transformation.


The only way to know if these sessions are for you is to drop into a quiet space and see if you are called. Does this magic speak to you, are you willing to meet me in the mystery? There's an opening in the YES!

Once you have signed up for a session I will send you out a questionnaire of sorts to feel into where we should start and what you are needing. I look forward to diving with you.

Currently on pause until March 2018

Let's create deep magic,  four sessions, usually unfolding over a month:

Follow up session, continuing the magic: