A Few of My Favorite Ps

This idea to write about your favorite words beginning with a particular letter was lifted from Susannah Conway's blog Ink on my fingers (lifted from elsewhere). Here are my Ps (without the Qs).

People-  My people, they know who they are. I wrap them around me like a warm soft blanket in the dark of a cold and bitter night, tighter and tighter to me warming my soul and heart. They lead into the next two words.

Priceless- And I don’t mean in a financial  way but rather in the way that makes things unique and intrinsically irreplaceable, like my people, and all the precious things in life…

Precious- Taught to me by my little babies, not so little now, that are precious in away that fills the heart and soul. Also the Arabic meaning of my name.

Pumpkins- ummm… Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin salad with drizzled honey soy, spinach, beetroot and pine-nuts. Pumpkin… (I say that with the same drool that Homer reserves only for “beer”, can you hear my reverence?). My kids call me the pumpkin monster.

Perfection- Not the harsh, impossible to attain, idealistic sort but the sort that describes a perfect white Gardenia or Camilla, a sunset/sunrise, a snowflake or the perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

Ponder- It just kind of deliciously pops languidly out of my mouth. It gives me the time and place for these and other thoughts. It lets me notice all of the above and all of the other bits of magic that abound daily life.

Paper- From the beautifully clean, blank sheet daunting  yet full of endless possibilities, to the well loved, coffee stained treasured ones falling to pieces with wor{l}ds of wisdom. All hail the divinity of paper.

Passion- Not only the name of one of my favorite novels, Passion by Jeanette Winterson (another P favorite novel is Perfume, by Patrick Suskind, Perfume which didn’t make the P list as though I love the idea of perfume the practicalities of it don’t work for me. Practicalities also didn’t make the list for obvious reasons). Back to passion- something to have, strive for, live with & live for. A reason to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Peace- Peace of mind and heart, balance, harmony so hard to come by and to treasured when it does. Of course, the big one: world peace- hope, harmony, tolerance, acceptance- a dream for all to pursue.

Pure- Simple, white, minimal, bare and honest, the reason I like white flowers, newborn babies, raw honest art, snowflakes. Goes hand in hand with perfection.

Photography- it somehow freudian slipped right to the bottom of the list. Too obvious to think of, too much part of my life and identity. If I wasn’t a photographer, it would still be a big chunk of my life in capturing, paying homage to my two beautiful children, being an artistic outlet and way of communicating, interacting with and interpreting the world. Stay tuned for more.

Other P words of note: Play, purple, print, private,