It whispers to me.

Thailand, Koh Samui, Lotus Terrace, Galia Alena Photography
It whispers to me.

    I stand here with the world at my feet literally. The whole world literally at my feet. I breathe deeply and stand taller. The waves beckon me with greetings from far off places, imagined and not. How like I imagined is this place? Only in it’s beauty not in it’s details. These endless waters that have the freedom of the tides, the currents, move freely yet with purpose around the world.
    I breathe deeply, I stand taller still. I imagine possibilities, alternatives, choices. A different life, in a different place, with different rhythms pulling me through my days as the moon pulls these tides.
    We’ve only been here a few days and already the place imposes new rhythms. A quieter rhythm, a softer rhythm.
    Soon the waves persistent urging will win me over and I will wade out far into this connecting ocean, this ocean that is here and that has been there. In silence I listen to it’s stories. It’s wisdom soaks into my skin, my bones. I absorb it graciously, deeply. I embrace it’s gifts. Cool and calm, gently bobbing around. Clear as crystal I see the soft velveteen sand below my feet, like walking on marshmallows. The light patterns dance upon my skin. Gently prodding me I feel lighter. I shut my eyes to let the other senses see and the sun hits my eyelids with a dazzling light show.
    I could melt into  this water and let it drift me gently along on its journey. I would beat the shores of far off lands, visiting by moonlight, by sunshine. This vast ocean tranquil and mighty at once. It whispers to me...