Treasures of the Heart

Let the Earth & the fruits upon her nourish & mold my body
that I may walk erect & truthfully perceive life
Let the Winds of the Earth blow my thoughts about unlocking my mind
that I may understand life.
Let the Waters of the Earth wash away my cares,
cleansing my feelings that I may know life.
Let the Earth’s Sun soak away disease, infusing my being with his vitality,
that may enjoy life.
Let the Earth’s Moon draw unto herself my small confusions and give me true direction
that I may live in harmony with life.
Let the Stars take my loneliness & give their firm assurance that I am not alone in life.
Above all, let the Sky remind me that beyond all this,
There is more,
So much more,

This blessing poem was given to me by my mother when I was a teenager and I wish if for my daughter too. I don't know who wrote it or where it comes from but I love it. I suspect it's Native American. If anyone knows please let me know.