Missing Snow

Snow Twig

It's nearly Christmas and I'm thinking about this time last year when all the cold weather clothes were being pulled out of storage, making giant piles next to the empty suitcases and the air was alive with anticipation. Vancouver was already preparing for us, covering itself in a pure white soft wrap and we were giddy with joy. Christmas was overshadowed by snow. My fake snowflakes are in hanging in the window and I'm dreaming of my winter wonderland. Last years Christmas was picture card perfect, but I missed the trays of mangoes and cherries and the traditions of home. This year, traditions, like life, are changing and I'm wondering whether it is not time to start some new traditions for christmas like Caper's Pumpkin Pie, roasted chestnuts in the snow with Nat King Cole in the background, Eggnog from Meinhardt, train ride through the Stanley Park Christmas display, Festival of Lights and most of all the gentle kiss of icy possibilities falling from the sky.
Yesterday, when I was supposed to be working, I found myself going through slide shows of our snow trip feeling very nostalgic. I think a few more photos from then will slowly appear leading up to Christmas.
To my Canadian friends- wish I was there with you.