Outvod the Infinite

Outvod the infinite, not to mention the S Riot.
The new (or not so new) language of texting while driving with one of those hit and miss touch screens designed for Thumbelina's fingers.
Does it matter what I was really trying to say, I was chanelling a new word or two. My friend I was texting to, a writer amoungst other things, proclaimed it a fabulous verb she just had to use: Outvod. One should always outvod the infinite. It had been only an hour earlier that we had agreed that some days should be put out of their misery and quietly euthanised and now we were happily outvoding the infinite (as you always do when discussing the S Riot).

This is from a girl who, dare I admit it out loud, thought that "lol" meant lots of love until only recently (I know you're all loling). What other mistexts am I guilty of? And there's a new word: mistext, and to think, the predictive text gremlin couldn't work that one out...