Shallow Breath Dreaming

Icicle Magic
 Shallow Breath Dreaming

My house a cocoon
I’ve woven tightly around
myself. I struggle and grow
I can’t break free. Trapped
in this house I weave.
It seduces me
It suffocates me
I escape in dreams
that leave me hungry.

A world pulling smaller
shrinking in the heat
Things come in but nothing
leaves crumble
A one way door
to life you chose
            blindly, kindly,
And the words swarm and clutter
            clutter and swarm
Silenced in their buzz

Shallow breath dreaming
Their elixir sweet as sap
To dream, perchance to live
Ay, there’s the rub
that lies in your hub
Deep down within you
The sweetest elixir of all
The one that blows ashless
And pulls you tall
For in that dream of life what life may come...