Introducing Boris the Buddha

Boris the Buddha 
Meet Boris, mild mannered and ever so humble buddha but with a secret desire to see the world. He is a Chinese Buddha from Thailand. What does this mean? It means that he embraces traits of both the Chinese buddha for good luck, prosperity and abundance (& by abundance we mean the joy of life), and Thai buddha for respect (for oneself, others and the planet) and a  simple, harmonious life. So with a simple plan for an abundantly joyous life, Boris the Buddha has set off on his adventures to see the world and meet himself.
Boris at the Big Buddha- Samui
When I first met Boris he was hanging around at the Big Buddha on Samui, day dreaming about the world that the tourists he saw daily came from and getting under the feet of the monks. It occured to him, that unlike big buddha, he could just throw a few things in a little cloth, fling it over his shoulder and be on his way, and so he did. A tearful and excited goodbye to his beloved Samui and he was off, to see the world and pick up some wisdom along his way.
He is able who thinks he is able.
Boris saying goodbye to his beloved Thailand

* NB. Disclaimer- We would just like to make it perfectly clear that Boris is on this adventure of his own free will, he has not been kidnapped or coerced  and no buddha’s were harmed in the undertaking of this adventure.