Screaming Muses

I am in the last stretch of my two month game of "finishing" things, and I am realising that I am not very good at finishing things, and am even worse at stopping myself from starting new things. Firstly, I have signed up to play with Trude Callan at the Creative Mother's Group working on Shona Cole's The Artistic Mother: A Practical Guide to Fitting Creativity into Your Busy Life, though I am still waiting for Mr Amazon to bring me my copy- it should be lots of fun. Also, my good friend over at the Creative Identity is running a short story competition where all entries will receive a critique and a few will be published in an anthology of the best entries. So I am thinking about short stories I could enter. Also I am participating in an art exchange chain mail which will be such fun. I am sending something to a woman in Iran and should be receiving all sorts of surprises on my doorstep. I love surprises on my doorstep, its like christmas (if you're interested in participating in this exchange, leave a comment and I'll contact you with the details). So that's three new projects, among others personal projects and daily inspirations that like to come and distract me. I can't help starting things when the inspiration visits. Maybe I'm just not good at imposed rules which is funny as I work well with deadlines. Perhaps what I'll do is just concentrate on finishing things as I go  so I can at least see some completion. I guess if you're stuck for ideas, try to concentrate on finishing things- it makes the muses scream loud.