Thank you Misty

Look at these beautiful treasures that I received on my doorstep one day recently, when I was home sick. Well they certainly picked the day to arrive and really helped lift my spirits. Unfortunately, whatever I had has been doing the rounds with the family and this is the first opportunity to share these gorgeous treasures. In January we were on holiday in Thailand and removed from all news as we luxuriated in paradise in Koh Samui, and it was only the generosity of a few blogs that I read that I knew of the disaster in Haiti. From paradise I was able to reach out and donate some money through a few blogging fund raisers. And then there was this: Misty Mawn was selling two of her beautiful creations and donating the money to Unicef. Of course I was more than happy to purchase one, and am so pleased to receive such treasures, although I feel a pang of guilt being rewarded for helping. But anyway, I thank you whole heartily Misty, so beautiful, so divinely wrapped and packaged, and such a pleasure to receive. This painting will adorn my bedroom, providing inspiration and delight, Misty is both a talented artist and a beautiful photographer.