Freedom of Choice

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy when it comes to freedom and giving ourselves permission. Yesterday I awoke with pains in my back and in dire need of some physical selfcare. So after dropping the kids off to school I set out to do some Chi Gong followed by yoga. My mind kept wondering to the studio calling me downstairs "its nearly 10, its nearly 10.30 and you haven't started work, you haven't checked your messages." This constant little niggling work ethic that said that it was "work" hours and I should be working. Hey, fairs fair, I had no clients until the afternoon, I was up to date on my orders, I had worked on them on Saturday and had tweaked my work blog on Sunday night. Did that not give me permission to take some time when I needed it?  Was not my health more important anyway? Was that not why I worked for myself and had downsized in the first place?
Eventually I went down and checked my messages, nothing pressing so I drove to the beach and watched the seagulls fly over the thundering waves. Be silent unwanted thoughts that litter my mind. This is my life, my life design, and it includes yoga and the ocean- even in the middle of the day...
What thought patterns haunt you that you can release?