Holding Space- 215800, Thank you Bindu

Well the first 21 days, the official end of the original 215800, has come and gone and I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the journey. For me it was a blessing to start a new regime of yoga, to pull my body and mind into more health and Bindu's group was brilliant for this with the support of the other participants all downing their dogs. The main thing for me with the practice of yoga is staying, and whilst my physical muscles were being strengthened and flexed, it was these inner muscles of stillness that were flexed the most. Sometimes only 20 mins, sometimes 2 hours but always with the rest of the world pulling me down from my practice with the lure of busyness here and demands of life there. I had to work hard to steel and still my mind and hold the intention that for this short time I had nothing else I needed to be doing than holding open this space for myself, to keep me centered and healthy. Such a hard thing to do. I would tell myself that the children downstairs waiting for me deserved the calm and happy mother that would emerge when finished rather than the resentful one who wasn't allowed to finish, that the pile of work would run smoother if those photoshopping knots were unravelled, that someone else could unload the dishwasher and the emails would wait to be checked later. How hard could it possibly be? How much time we waste in useless distraction and yet it is so hard to hold open this space for ourselves.

Well thank you Bindu for the motivation and the inspiration to walk down this path that had been calling me for so long and which I was an expert at ignoring with a lack of prioritising. I realise, after 21 days, why it was calling me and how important it needs to be in my life. I will be continuing on the extra 10 days and beyond. Namaste Bindu xox