Tribute to fallen friends

I'm trying to be zen about the loss of the trees that surrounded my house until this last week. I know things change, and I'm trying to enjoy the additional light now streaming into my house but I'd rather the trees any day and many tears have been shed by both me and my children. Its amazing how much the loss of the trees is changing my relationship to my house. Those trees used to cocoon us in privacy and nature and the mottled golden light that used to filter through the leaves was so magical and serene :( Today the noise of the chainsaws in stereo was too much to bare so armed with laptops we headed out to work at a cafe only to come home and find that one of the trees on ours side that shouldn't have been touched was also felled. Luckily my partner is livid enough for both of us so I get to be resigned about it instead, its not like they can put it back. Below is the old view through a lounge room window which is now replaced with the concrete block beyond:

Cool breeze brushes my
Sun moistened eyelids

My eyes softly shut
Still so bright

Ancient rhythmic licks
At my knobbly knees

Swirling seaweed
In a giant bubble bath

Beads dripping down my back
Feet slowly sinking deep

Rooted to the spot
I wonder to be a Banyan Tree
 Practising being brave and sharing some of my art journal pages starting with these (more to come over the following weeks).
 Misty inspired.
Flora inspired.