Mentors- Sarah Moon

I have been revisiting some of my favorite photographers, the ones who first inspired me, who fed my fire, in an attempt to step away from getting caught up in the current trend of what is popular in photography and getting back to what I love. I shoot for a living, so obviously that work requires a result that pleases another, the client, but the other work  I do should only please me and not try and mimic these "trends" that are so prevalent in this digital age of the camera and blogging.
What fascinates me about these "mentors" is how much I am still inspired by them 20 plus years later,how their work has not dated but holds up as art, how much I still love their work and am inspired to find my own voice again after so long of adapting it to the client's needs and the saturation of what is in "vogue". Mostly how much my own tastes have not changed- perhaps beauty goes way beyond a trend:
Heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from The Eternal.
Dante Alighieri                 
So the first is Sarah Moon whose work speaks for itself and this beautiful clip transports me back somewhere into my past, my dreams and my former photographic self.