Portrait of a self-1

This night is alive, sadness & joy
It surges in its stillness
Light cast out by a shadow throwing moon
Reveals hidden lands beneath a transparent sea

One can no longer hold a
moment than a drop of water
Slip away or evaporate with
No trace but a kiss upon your memory

I wade so far, out to the reef
& still the sea touches only my knees
Month at a close
Full moon she pulls hard
The ocean is taken from me
& I return to a still calm within.
The first painting finished in my new home. It has taken me awhile to find my painting groove in this new space but I eventually worked out that the garage just was not going to be conducive to the creative process and so I've taken over the "formal" sitting room and that seems to be working. Hey, what can I say, as you can see it's much prettier- "have drop sheet, will travel".