Everything Blooms

I've just finished experiencing my first real spring and I had no idea, absolutely everything blooms. Back home (Sydney) we don't really have seasons other than jacaranda season, followed by mango season (otherwise known as Daiquiri season) and so on, it's one warm weather rolling into another. Here I am astounded by how the place has literally come to life- I finally get daffodils, heralders of all that is to come. They had always seemed rather an obvious flower but now I can only imagine the sweet joy they bring after months of bitter cold, promising warmth and growth.
And those 49 rose bushes I pruned back in the snow without gardening gloves (with my new found admiration for the dedication of Prince Charming- I'm pretty sure he didn't have gardening gloves either), have all sprung to life in a kaleidoscope of colours. They remind me of all the effort my grandmother put into her suburban garden back in Sydney, a garden that won awards and had garden tours, never did all her efforts result in the bounty that my neglected rose bushes adorn my garden with. So many plants that I looked at and thought "I should pull that dead bush out" have now come alive to amaze me (and make me thankful for my lazy gardening skills- zealous ignorant gardener probably not a good mix).
As for the mountain side, it was dripping with blossoming trees heavy under the weight of their abundance and is now covered with patches of yellow everywhere, interspersed with purple. It is absolutely amazing.
My wonder knows that it is a wonder that can not be truly captured on film, and so I didn't even try but here are a few snaps from the iphone as I wonder what summer will bring and I wait for the ripening of the blueberries and strawberries. Wishing warmth to all of you in those cold places snuggling down ready for snow.

Spring- who knew...