Recent dippings in the paint box

 This is the piece I painted to contribute to a gift that a group of arts from around the world made to give to Misty Mawn. It is a portrait of a modern day Saraswati which Misty most certainly is, a goddess of art, poetry, music ♡♡♡
 This painting is based on one of Madelyn Mulvaney's gorgeous photographs which you can see here. I had the delightful pleasure of chatting with her this week about life, love and photography (and my home away from home, beautiful British Columbia). A kindred spirit, pop over and have a look at her gorgeous work.
The two images above are inspired from Amy Merrick's delicious flora arrangements.
 The above and below images are quick sketches (gouache) in my journal which I have been working in a lot lately.
A water colour study of what my work space looked like before I rearranged it to make it less pretty :( but a more functional working space (my desk no longer faces out to the beautiful, yet blinding view).