Sitting with the Angels and Goddesses

Galia Alena Of the Heart Moon Goddess mixed media journal
Between finishing off Of the Heart, working on my Goddess page for it and dreaming up my up coming class in Angels in my Studio it seems that I am constantly being surrounded by Angels, Goddesses, sentient beings and female archetypes.
I'm looking forward to having a break next week and working on some purely abstract pieces (today I am stitching together a new journal just for this exploration), as well as getting back to a series I was working on earlier in the year that exists not between the pages of my journals but on canvas. Yet I know that the Angels will be calling me back shortly: Angels in my Studio begins on July 22nd.
Galia Alena Of the Heart Moon Goddess mixed media journal
Sketch of Goddess
So many projects, so many inspirations, some times I find myself twirling between them without being able to settle into any of them. How do you settle your creative muses when they are chattering so loudly and fast? How do you know where to put your time and your energy? Do you work a project seeing it to the end or do you follow the flow of energy? Do you apply discipline to your practice or is it a more whimsical approach? I seem to flit between the two, sometimes honing skills, learning new techniques and practicing what I know, sometimes going deep to see what's being dreamed, to see how my own unique voice wants to emerge, to see how all the unique and personal threads of my own path want to weave together into a work. How do you dig deep and communicate with the muses? How do you balance the "listening" with the "speaking"?

I found this gorgeous video while doing a bit of research on moon goddesses and menstruation goddesses for Of the Heart. Well worth watching and being inspired...
Video by  Stephanie Anderson Ladd of Owl & Crow who runs e-courses exploring goddesses, worth checking out if you'd like to spend more time working with the goddesses: In the Lap of the Goddess