Whose shoes are these anyway {Just One Paragraph 8/30}

Galia Alena Mixed Media Artist
Detail from today
Often times we have to weigh up what the outside world tells us should be important to us with what we actually know and choose to be important to us. We make choices with this in the sanctity of our own homes and lives, how we live, how we choose to hold our family and how we challenge what is expected of us. Today, like many days piling up around me, was another day when I had to consciously and wholeheartedly  choose how I will hold my family against the challenges of the external world. Sometimes as I raise my family that doesn't want to swim with the tide, I feel like I'm living in a glass house, fragile and exposed. And yet I strive to make my home a cocoon, a safe place to wrap the family around itself and remember what's important. I remember that not only have those outside not walked a mile, let alone a life time, in my shoes but they also do not get to walk the rest of this journey in my shoes either. My shoes only have to fit me, glass house or not, I will stray off my path for shiny butterflies only not for the loud voices of external critics.