Get out of the way and follow the flow {Just One Paragraph 13/30}

Ripe for the picking
I've often thought that ideas were floating in the ether, ripening for the picking. When they are ripe they get picked, whether by you or someone else. Often I've had an idea and not acted on it only to find it manifest by other hands as if it was just waiting for someone to come along and bring it to fruition. These ideas, like birth, are imminent, they happen one way or another, with or without me. So then what is the role of the executor and why do ideas visit people and then don't get acted upon? Sometimes I think that their visiting is like a date to see if you're a match or not. Some ideas that I have are brilliant, their just not for me, there's no real chemistry, and certainly not enough to make it through the long haul that many creative endeavors require. They just don't belong to me, they're not mine. Others are mine, these are the creative sparks that propel me into action, that demand to make it past the drawing board, past the dream stage and into reality. They come fully loaded with energy, they come imminent and all I have to do is get out of the way and follow the flow. That's when I know they belong to me.