Ooopps, fell off the wagon and down the rabbit hole {Just One Paragraph 14/30}

Galia Alena Photography, Queenstown
View from the school run
Technically I should be on day 18 of this paragraph a day challenge, but it seems I've slipped down the rabbit hole of sacred journaling for a few days. I've been shooting my lesson for Angels In My Studio which I put on hold while I was sick, waiting until I felt well enough to give 110% (and then some) to it. As these things go, I spiraled down, absorbed by all the lessons that the angels wanted to impart on me for this page. The whole process grew bigger than I had any idea it would. Part of the process of sacred journaling is to release expectations and to stay open to what wants to come through, which I did, following the clues as one thread leads onto the next. When you start these pages you never know whether they are going to take you a couple of hours or a couple of weeks, nor how many messages and how deep these messages will go. This page that I was filming, grabbed hold of me, would not let go, running deep and spanning many days. I had planned to write a post on following the energy, instead I followed my own energy and my energy was in this page which drew me in, in fact I'm still working on it, still sitting with the lessons of it and still wondering what else it wants to be birthed. (If you are curious about Angels In My Studio you can find a link in the side bar).
Somehow in all this I did manage to restock my Etsy shop with more blessing bowls which have just come out of the fires. They sold out within days last time, so I am glad to finally have some more in the shop.