Meinrad Craighead- 12 Artists 12 Days {Day 1}

"For me it's like if I didn't paint I wouldn't know where I was in the universe."  Meinrad Craighead
Wisdom Meinrad Craighead
Our blog-along beings today (in no particular order) with the beautifully rich and spiritually grounded in mother earth images of Meinrad Craighead. When I first saw Meinrad's images I was deeply intrigued and felt a profound connection, its like stepping into her dreamtime which is both personal and universal.

Mother and Daughter Meinrad Craighead
Mother and Daughter
Death of a Dog Meinrad Craighead
Death of a Dog
Stars Meinrad Craighead
If you want to know more about her work, or to read some of her writings that accompany her work, "Crow, Mother and the Dog God" is the book that I have and love, covering several of her phases and including some of her prose.

Meinrad Craighead: Praying with Images Preview from Amy Kellum on Vimeo.