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Angels in my studio- Galia Alena
Angels in my Studio

Seems like there is so much going on here at the moment, lots of exciting things I'll be announcing shortly (a teaser for one of them is below here). Thank you to all of you who followed along or joined in with "12 Artists 12 Days". I loved hearing how many of you meet new artists for the first time and seeing who is inspiring you at the moment. It was quite something for me to see who is inspiring me at the moment all together like that. It seems I have a preference for warm rich colours in the greens and reds, as well as soft dreamy colours, feminine figuratives, dreamy themes that speak to crossing the veil, mythical introspection and dripping landscapes of the imagination. I'm planning on running it again next year, it will be interesting to see what's changed and who is inspiring me a year from now. Hope you'll join me again for that.

I've been working cycles, a week of ceramics, a week where the canvases are calling me, and then recently a week (or maybe two) lost down the rabbit hole of journaling. The above journal page is a recent page from the class I'm presenting for Angels in my Studio which will be released in November (so you can still sign up if you would like to join me, link in the side bar). It was such a revealing process. A few more days and I'll be announcing my next project which I'm hoping you'll join me for, in the mean time I'd love to hear how other multi-passionate, renaissance woman types juggle all their interests.
Calling in the Elements- Air, mixed media journaling Galia Alena
Calling in the Elements: Air