Claiming Our Mythos

Even though I've known about this for awhile, and have dreamed and planned my class (which I'm really looking forward to doing myself), I hadn't gotten so super excited until yesterday when the enrollment started and I see the work of the other artists together in the one place  and am hearing the buzz that's being generated. I'm really looking forward to this, to taking it and participating in it. And wow, it's had a record launch, possibly because of the amazing line up of artists, possibly because of it's fabulous reputation from the last few years or maybe its the new format which is as a pdf you can keep, so no expiring, no time pressure, you get to keep it and work through all the amazing classes in your own time. I will want to devour all the classes instantly and then will re-visit them time and time again. How perfect.

My Class: Claiming Our Mythos

Each of us has many stories… Our personal mythology….Stories we frame our lives and our identities through. In Claiming our Mythos we will unveil one of our own life's narratives through the sacred practice of intuitive and intentional art journaling. Through collage, journal writing, doodling, painting, and just about anything else that wants to come through you--we will reframe our personal mythos into powerful expressions of transformation.

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& please note the early bird places are flying out the door fast so if you want that discount pop over now.

And if April is too long to wait to get your creative juices flowing and have your art journaling practice inspired please join me in Calling in the Elements, an instant access self paced art journaling e-course.