Last Call

Galia Alena mixed media art and ceramics

Shortly I will be losing access to my current kiln. I've loved being a member of the local pottery club and even stepped up to be president of it for about 5 minutes but that time is ending. So last week I put a call out on facebook for the last custom made orders of my blessing and offering bowls. These bowls hold peoples intentions at the cross road of the elements and sit on many beautiful altars around the world. It has been an absolute pleasure to make these, I worked with a friend across the oceans this week to clarify her intentions on a particular issue and tears were shed by both of us as the bowls cracks let the light in and out of the wound.

The reception of facebook was so overwhelming  that I didn't get a chance to announce it here. A scramble was made as I ran out of clay and the joys of living on a small island in a small country at the bottom of the world was felt as I couldn't source anymore. Today, though, I found a friend who had some that she didn't need and I can offer them here too. So if you are feeling the call to have one of these hold your intentions on your altar or in your sacred space I am taking orders for a few more over the next few days only: Alena mixed media art and ceramics
 I am holding close to my heart the intention that there is another kiln in my not to distant future because I love making these and I love working with the clay. There is both an organic element and an alchemical element to these that I really love. That joy of not really knowing what you are going to get until you open the kiln reminds me so much of my early love affair with old skool photography when you never really knew what you were going to get in the darkroom- a slight bit of mystery, serendipity and magic...