Spectrum- Holistic Visual Journaling Workshop

 This journey is about connecting with

BODY as guide and ally,

ART as intuitive, expressive oracle,

and NATURE as provider of love, lesson, abundance and belonging.

So excited to be able to finally spill about this wonderful new workshop with over 30 amazing contributors (some of whom I love dearly, including one of my inipi sisters and my land of the long white cloud sister-friend, to mention but a few, as well as many I am really looking forward to getting to know- some truly magical and wyld women) making up this beautiful collective of holistic wisdom and creative inspiration!! I'm really excited to be going on this journey with you.

Each month has a new theme, working through the body, devoted to awakening, exploring, deepening & celebrating the innate wisdom within YOU. I will be contributing to the first month "OPEN", a theme that is very consistent with my own journal work and beliefs about that but the going first is going to be pushing against my own edges, not necessarily a bad thing, we all need stretching. I'm really looking forward to doing all the months and all the lessons in my own journal (more about that in my lesson).  I do hope you'll join us if this is calling you, it's going to be AWEsome and INspiring. To find out more and check out who else is contributing to this amazing course pop over HERE

Early~Bird Sale
November 18 through December 16, 2013

Regular Price
December 17, 2013 - October 1, 2014

A 10 month online, self-guided Holistic* Visual Journaling exploration

Spectrum is a collective of 30+ holistic-minded artists, healers and visionaries that have come together to offer a 10 month online workshop in which you will create a visual field guide devoted to awakening, exploring, deepening & celebrating the innate wisdom within YOU.

  • A 10 month membership to the Spectrum Community via a private facebook group, with ongoing engagement questions
  • 11 rich pdf SPECTRUM guides sent directly to member’s inboxes once a month ~packed with project, workshop, activity, wisdom, prompt, poetry and inspiration, shared via text, video, image and audio - from over 30 artist & healer contributors (2-4 contributors per month)
  • Each month will also contain an in-depth introduction to the month’s Body~Connection theme & Visual Journaling mini-workshop with Hali Karla
  • 3 Live Spreecast meet-ups for the SPECTRUM Community, which will be recorded and available to watch at a later date for those who can’t attend
  • Optional flickr group for sharing creative works
If you do feel called to join us, feel free to sign up using my affiliate link, https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?ii=1294159&c=ib&aff=226019&cl=204091  a girl can always use some new paint ;) & if you're itching to get started on your journaling journey before then you can join me for Calling in the Elements, my self-paced journaling workshop.

I'll be drawing the winner of Calling in the Elements (pop your name in the singing bowl here if you haven't already) and sharing about a journaling process inspired by Spectrum in a couple of days.