A Room of My Own

The Night Dreams of You, Galia Alena, mixed media painting
The Night Dreams of You
It is autumn here and the garden is ablaze with the leaves doing their swan song in vivid reds and yellows. This week feels like things are starting to settle down here tucked away in our new life snuggled in the mountains. Yesterday was the first fire of the season and after a morning of painting in my studio to the sound of rain on a tin roof I snuggled with my family and cooked homemade minestrone soup (the first of many) and cheese and chive damper. All so cozy on a Saturday in the mountains. I'm settling in, nesting down and inspired up.

 Above is the first piece I have painted in our new house and I feel a series coming on, I'm already working on a couple more and am keen to see where they go. I've also started work on two new e-courses that have been waiting for some space for me to give them my full attention (more on that shortly, I hope you will be as excited as I am). Next I will find myself a new kiln and relaunch my Etsy shop, so many of you have been asking when you can order one of my  custom blessing and offering bowls and I'm itching to get working with clay again, and there will be some paintings for sale too.

View from my Studio Door

 This week I moved into my new studio, and I'm very excited, it's a proper studio space, removed from the house, where I can drip paint, sling clay, melt wax and any other messy thing I want to my hearts content. In fact yesterday I took such delight to look down at the floor and see colourful paint drips already (and I didn't have to stop to clean them up). I'm still moving in and finding my way in there, balancing pretty with functional, and finding my new working flow but I'm sure there will be many photos to come. In the meantime I've been thinking about previous spaces, stolen corners in the house, care taken not to ruin carpets or floorboards, or to make my family feel like my artwork takes over the house. I'm grateful for these spaces in getting me to where I am, but I'm also grateful to now have a proper dedicated space and can't wait to see where that takes me. Of course, I will still take over the dining room table on occasion and curl up on the couch with my journal, not to mention all the delicious spots to stop and sketch in the garden- the creative life refuses to stay confined to the studio ;)
Galia Alena Photography, Creative space studio
The Loft Space
Galia Alena Photography, Creative space studio
Scenes from my last space
Galia Alena Photography, Creative space studio
My Space in Queenstown