Travel Journal- US13

Mixed Media Travel Journal, Galia Alena
Sometimes it takes
a great sky
to find that

first, bright
and indescribable
wedge of freedom
in your own heart. David Whyte
A journey to a new place or a journey through a blank journal page can both take you on a pilgrimage to the centre of your own heart, to an understanding of your own truths and to a knowing and comfort within yourself. Both will bring you closer to the peace of home within and still that wyld spirit that wants to fly freely on the winds of desires, of greener grasses and the whispers of dreams.
Mixed Media Travel Journal, Galia Alena

There are as many ways and reasons to travel and to journal as there are people. For me the two are similar in that they both are a way for me to embody the journey. The journey to align with my inner world as well as my outer, a journey in trust, a journey where on the path one is expanded and changed forever, a journey on which you can meet yourself. A pilgrimage.

Mixed Media Travel Journal, Galia Alena
Journaling and traveling can both be a journey on which, if you are receptive, you discover a deeper connection with yourself and the conversation with life. Both can act as a pilgrimage from which you are forever changed, giving you both new awareness and knowledge of yourself and the world, journeying simultaneously out into the outer world and deep within the inner world.
Mixed Media Travel Journal, Galia Alena
  Traveling allows one to strip away the usual masks that daily life demands which can 
bury the true self, it becomes an opportunity to get to know yourself without all the usual baggage. When you travel the normal linear day to day time is suspended and you step into a time where routine has been suspended in favour of the fullness of the moment. When you art journal there is also a suspension of time. Your hands set to work busy moving paint about, making marks, selecting papers while your monkey brain watches and hopefully is quiet and distracted long enough for deeper thoughts and awareness to come forward- a moving meditation where the heart and hand are aligned.
Both require me to stay open and curious, to watch and notice attentively, to respond with trust and wonder at unexpected opportunities. Both allow me to engage fully in  the conversation with life, with wonder and amazement. Both can be a home coming. Both gift me with myself.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Henry Miller

rnalrMixed Media Travel Journal, Galia Alena
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