Sacred Vessel

 "Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again" Joseph Campbell 
Welcome to  Journal as  Sacred Vessel. 
When we engage our hands, heart and spirit, we are able to tap into our deeper wisdom. To this end we will be using mixed media to explore how to use our journal practice as a sacred container to provide us a safe place to play and explore, for self discovery, for noticing, for our gratitude, for holding our dreams and desires,our inspirations, our intentions, our tools and our daily lives and for releasing resistance and obstacles. In essence, returning to our center and innate wisdom
Through mixed media (collage, paint, writing, photography) we will be noticing and exploring rituals, personal symbols, the chakras and anything else that tickles our interests or feeds our souls. We will be exploring how our practice can be away of bringing what we know (or what we are discovering through the process and our intuitive wisdom) into our body wisdom to reside at the cell level.

Our next Journaling ritual is now live for Summer Solstice: Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Art Journal Page Galia Alena

Click here to download the Summer Solstice Worksheet
or here for Winter Solstice Worksheet 

Our first  journaling ritual on your word for the year is ready (this is a free offering). You can find it here: One Little Word

Click here to download the Worksheet

Preparation: Think about your word for the coming year, what it means to you, what you hope to manifest through the experience and pop back to join us in the first few days of 2013. If you need some help finding your word for the year, or just preparing for the coming year (releasing and embracing) here are some free resources that might help: Christine Kane, Andrea Scher
& Susannah Conway.