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Angels in my studio- Galia Alena
Angels in my Studio

Seems like there is so much going on here at the moment, lots of exciting things I'll be announcing shortly (a teaser for one of them is below here). Thank you to all of you who followed along or joined in with "12 Artists 12 Days". I loved hearing how many of you meet new artists for the first time and seeing who is inspiring you at the moment. It was quite something for me to see who is inspiring me at the moment all together like that. It seems I have a preference for warm rich colours in the greens and reds, as well as soft dreamy colours, feminine figuratives, dreamy themes that speak to crossing the veil, mythical introspection and dripping landscapes of the imagination. I'm planning on running it again next year, it will be interesting to see what's changed and who is inspiring me a year from now. Hope you'll join me again for that.

I've been working cycles, a week of ceramics, a week where the canvases are calling me, and then recently a week (or maybe two) lost down the rabbit hole of journaling. The above journal page is a recent page from the class I'm presenting for Angels in my Studio which will be released in November (so you can still sign up if you would like to join me, link in the side bar). It was such a revealing process. A few more days and I'll be announcing my next project which I'm hoping you'll join me for, in the mean time I'd love to hear how other multi-passionate, renaissance woman types juggle all their interests.
Calling in the Elements- Air, mixed media journaling Galia Alena
Calling in the Elements: Air

More Postcards from Canada

Here is another postcard from Canada (in no particular order):
BC is putting on a special show for us. We arrived to a city under a blanket and all the Vancouverains
walking around in a gloom. Meanwhile you couldn't remove my cheshire smile with a snow shovel if you tried. We ordered a white christmas and we are defiantly getting one (please don't let the locals know its our fault or they'll be round with a lynch mob).

The house has a postcard out every window, and now that it has stopped snowing for a day we can see what the light is like- constant sunrise until the sun finally gives up trying to rise and pops back into bed just after 4.00. Beautiful light. Not to cold outside, unless your foolish enough to get soaking wet by loading your hood with snow like Lulu, and everywhere is heated inside. Luckily not as stiflingly hot as in Japan, but still something to get used to. Desperate to open a window while we sleep but everything is double glazed. I think we are the only ones driving around Vancouver with our car window open.

The children are loving the snow. Angel woke the first morning, after 11, squealing "It's snowing, it's snowing" with the tone of voice reserved only for christmas morning. However he is very disappointed that the snow is too soft to make a decent snow ball- our only saving grace I think as we can't keep them out of the stuff.

Haven't worked out the Starbucks thing. Theres 2 in every block, which would make total sense if they knew how to make coffee. Ordered a strong double shot, which we then had to get an extra shot put into and then was strangely weak still. Seems they have taken all the coffee flavour out and replaced it with strange flavouring and sweetening things. Under the impression that we spoke the same language as the Canadians-until you ask for a flat white. New found admiration for Australians because Starbucks went bust in Australia. Think I'll open a cafe when I move here and make a killing once I educate the country on what coffee is!! Miss my machine. NB- hot chocolate just as bad- strange mixture of hot water, brown food colouring and icing sugar??
Wondering where Chris and Andy keep their hip flask!!

The Odyssey for a christmas tree has began (reminding me why we bought a fake last year). Its Tuesday and again our mission for the day is to get a crissy tree, again. Failed yesterday as it took all day to dig out the car and driveway after the record breaking snow we got that night. Should have gone Sunday but decided against driving in the snow (Jay is still getting used to the left hand drive).

Went to the festival of lights last night which would have been fun if we had left the children in the car, tonight we are going to try for Stanley Park. Kids loved Science World which we will go back to and spend a wet day there. Had roasted chestnuts from a street corner vendor and ate them in the snow accompanied by Nat King Cole singing "roasted chestnuts in the snow...". Was magical despite Angel's best attempts. (Note to self, next time bring Sukie and leave Angel with the house sitters.)

Loved Japan, found a traditional stretch of shops leading to a huge suburb of temples and park, not nearly enough time to explore. All the food here is laced with loads of sugar, vending machines for absolutely everything including fresh flowers. Everywhere was overheated. On the plane Angel perplexed the hostesses by stripping to his undies and Jay and I removed all we could get away with and still sweated. Meanwhile all the Japanese are rugged up in their overcoats and snow gear under their blankets.

Haven't changed all the locks yet though its on the list. Could someone please hide Chris & Andy's passports.