Miss Match

Miss Match: Abstract

This week I played Miss Match with Anika Toro (her photo is the beautiful green/gold image on the right). I had a lot of fun playing with images in a more "abstract" way than I normally do and manipulating them digitally opens so many possibilities. Playing with images in this way lead to new images out of old and new ways of seeing. I guess this is the joy of collaborating and working on things that are not normally in your repertoire. Here's to eyes open further.

Shine- Miss Match Week 11 with Lorraine Veronica

It was my turn to pick the themes for this week and I picked Shine, Voice & Still.
When I paired up the teams I was an odd number so I chose not to play but shot my shine photo anyway which appeared here. Then Lorraine lost her partner and magically her delicious image worked beautifully with mine: serendipity. It has been fabulous watching how everyone interpreted the themes I chose- go and check them out here, there are some simply gorgeous ones.

Miss Match- Week Six: Earth

Here is this weeks Miss Match with Andrea Despot. I love the way we start with the little things and the big things seem to grow out of them. The top shot, mine, is of the Three Sisters, and older than the Grande Canyon. Dreamtime has it that their father, who was a witch doctor, turned the three sisters to stone to protect them during a battle fought between tribes over their love. Unfortunately the witch doctor was killed in the battle and the sisters remain where he left them to this day. Another story is that he was protecting them from an angry bunyip and was himself turned into a Lyre bird who to this day searches for his magic stone in order to restore his daughters back to themselves. Which story do you prefer?

Miss Match- Week Four: White

This week I was paired with the talented Erin Faith Allen whose beautiful images and mixed media work inspire me know end so I was thrilled to be paired together and had fun getting to know her. Check out her gorgeous blog.
White Light

The theme was white, which just so happens to be my favourite colour, what could be more appropriate for a photographer than to shoot the colour that holds light and all the other colours, the rainbow. Here are some of the runner ups for the Miss Match project.

Miss Match- Week Three: Reflect

 This weeks Miss Match with Canadian Carey Shaw. So odd to be working with people on the otherside of the world, in another time of day and another season. Whilst she was half expecting snow, I was only dreaming of it whilst dipping toes in the autumn waters. Here are the runner ups, light reflections and water reflections, which often visit in my work (hence the name).

 Next week I am paired with Erin Faith Allen whose work I have been stalking on her blog. The theme is white, my favorite colour, not that you can really call it a colour: its all colours...

Miss Match- Week One: Domestic

"Housework is a mistake" Quentin Crisp
I have been playing along with  a group of female photographers from Etsy and we have started a diptych project called Miss Match. This week's theme was domestic and I was paired with Katie from A Sense of Place Photography. Both us of giggled when we saw our theme as neither of can claim to be domestic goddesses, maybe goddesses but certainly not domestic ones. So our take on domestic was a bit of reality: a messy kitchen sink and burnt cookies, none on this Martha Stewart stuff for us. Below is my other sink photo:
Who ever said that the camera doesn't lie obviously doesn't know what he was talking about (and hadn't met photoshop- but that's another story). Here is the proof of the pudding that the camera does lie. My daughter got all Nigella on me and here is the results shot as runner ups for the Domestic Project:

Next week I am paired up with Mandy Byrant on the theme of Joy. So many options, check back to see what we come up with.