The Year so far

Galia Alena visual poet

I spent most of January not painting nearly as much as I had planned but rather re-conceptualising and re-designing my website - a rabbit hole I slipped into (or perhaps fell flat on my face into) and wasn't released from until the labyrinth had been traversed and all the cyber dragons slayed. I did come up for air and have these 3 paintings to show for it (and there was some wonderful school holidays adventures with the little peeps too).

Galia Alena Dream Catcher Keepr of the Dreams
Keeper of Dreams
 We are all blood and bone, 
delicate as petals
and held together by stars

Galia Alena Earth Queen, Empress
Earth Queen

She who holds and releases
Portal and vessel
That sex which is not one.
Always full to exploding
Ever empty and ready

Gateway of creation
Red lips, blood, womb,
tall grass, bare foot,
toes in the mud,
not afraid to bleed,
to let go,
to give

I've popped some  little mini classes on the new site (including a few free ones)  and below is a glimpse of what my new virtual digs look like- doors now open www.galiaalena.com   Pop on by :)

Spectrum- the year's wrap up

 Last year I had the pleasure and honour of being asked to be one of the contributors for Hali's Spectrum, which in Hali's words is a:

Holistic Creative Circle celebrating your Mind~Body~Spirit~Nature
through the living expression of art and awareness.

Here's a peek into my Spectrum journal with work I did playing along with some of the other contributors. It is filled with so much goodness, I know my journal will continue to fill as I keep revisiting the rich and soulfilled lessons. At the bottom of this post are photos of the page I did in my module which was on "OPEN".

Spectrum 2015 is now being offered with a whole new set of contributors, but if you are feeling drawn to 2014's work, Hali is now offering it as an instant access e-book with so much to get your creative juices flowing.
Galia Alena mixed media art journal Spectrum

Galia Alena mixed media art journal SpectrumGalia Alena mixed media art journal Spectrum
Galia Alena mixed media art journal Spectrum

Galia Alena mixed media art journal SpectrumGalia Alena mixed media art journal Spectrum
Galia Alena mixed media art journal SpectrumGalia Alena mixed media art journal Spectrum

Galia Alena mixed media art journal Spectrum

Galia Alena mixed media art journal Spectrum

Galia Alena mixed media art journal SpectrumGalia Alena mixed media art journal Spectrum

Galia Alena mixed media art journal Spectrum
Galia Alena mixed media art journal Spectrum
Page from my lesson :)

Between the Pages

Galia Alena Art Journal page mixed media
 It's been awhile since I've shared some of my journal pages here so I thought I'd post some today.
Galia Alena Art Journal page mixed media 21 Secrets
This one above is from the class I taught for 21 Secrets Spring, a page rich with meaning for me (there's a little video on this over here). 21 Secrets is still going on- I'm loving seeing all the work that's coming out of that.

Galia Alena Art Journal page mixed media- Spectrum
And here is the page I guided for Spectrum, a very different lesson from what I put together for 21 Secrets- the diversity you can have in your own journaling process is amazing- sometimes there is more pondering and other times just following the flow. Below are  just some of pages I've done in response to other lessons and topics coming up in Spectrum. I know my Spectrum journal is going to be bursting at the seams with juicy goodness by the time we're finished. Spectrum continues until December so it's not to late to join in with this deliciousness (link in the sidebar).

Galia Alena Art Journal page mixed media- Spectrum

Galia Alena Art Journal page mixed media- Spectrum

Galia Alena Art Journal page mixed media- Spectrum

Galia Alena Art Journal page mixed media- Spectrum
 And a quick little sketch of my view in QT before I said good bye to it:

Galia Alena art journal page

Then Orly Alvenri inspired me to do a few pages for her new project No More Silence #yesallwomen. In her own words "So we have written letters, we went to the street, we protested, we discussed, we commented, we shared, we cried, then internalized, we yelled and quieted down again, we denied and then remembered, we meditated, and spread love, cause we think it all starts with one, ourselves, we defined fear, origins, causes, and solutions. All of it needs to be done. But WE, people who express ourselves through the VISUAL LANGUAGE, our fury, our beauty, and our silences, should use this platform big time, to make a change in ways that are fresh and bold and different. We should never feel like oh well what can my little journal pages do other than express my little intimate world. Well lots!! Think about THE 1000 JOURNALS PROJECT or NOTRE COMBAT. We are going to do this together my friends, one journal page at a time and all at once, collectively." Orly

Galia Alena Art Journal page mixed mediaGalia Alena Art Journal page mixed media
How do you let the rawness out on your pages?

Are you your own Hero?

There's been so much going on over here in the last few months and I'm hoping to pop back over the next week to share some of it. In the meantime I've put together a little sneak peek into my class for 21 Secrets for you:

21 Secrets will be starting very soon and I can't wait- 21 art journaling workshops from 21 different artists, some of whom I both love and admire, like my beautiful inipi sister Katie Kendricks who I shared some time with at Easlen and whose work I can't get enough of, she is such a luminous soul, and Jane Cunningham who also prepared her workshop from the land of the Long White Cloud, Erin Faith Allen who I connected with through photography many moons ago and whose mixed media pieces intrigue me deeply. There are way too many other inspiring arts that I can't go through them all but if you would like to learn more pop over here to see.

In the meantime I'm LOVING seeing all the work going on over at Spectrum and loving the discussion that are coming out of it, so much richness and beauty. Its not to late to join us- I'll be getting my journal out and digging deep with all the artists there.

Back soon with a peek into what's been going on over here of late and some new plans. Xx

And the Winners...

Galia Alena Photography

The winner of the random draw was Karrlin Bain
& the second winner is Francine Bonjour-Carter who said:
Oh my, why is your give-away calling me? It makes me feel shy, scared and excited so I guess it means there is some deep stuff to unveil :) I know 2014 is my year to open the door to my creative artsy Self, and I see you and your beautiful art waving at me for few months. It is also a year of very tight budget so, this opportunity seems to completely
fit with the 2014 ambiance! One shall see...

This post makes me think deeply about which story I would choose. Which story I carry with myself, about myself, could be a seed of transformation. I came with two answers : my story about the first man I loved and my story about my biological father from whom I know only his first name and his country of origin. And I guess they both come down to the same topic : my Masculine. How do I transform my own Masculine aspect to fit who I am now? Hmmm, this question feels quietly blissful.
Thank you for the opportunity to get a closer look at myself.
 I will be honoured to see where this goes for you Francine. Xx
 I will pass both your names onto Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio so she can set you up for when we start. Thank you everyone who entered and shared.
To sign up for this wonderful soulful artful workshop with 21 amazing instructors pop on over here

View from Here :)

Are you Free-falling or Flying- A give away

A story is the difference between free-falling and flying.
I've heard this saying before but was remind of it (or should I say shaken by it) recently during a sweat lodge when our water pourer was telling us stories. A reminder of both perspective and how we frame things for ourselves- are the stories we tell ourselves about our own lives framed in a way to empower us or do they enforce the victim myth? In Claiming Our Mythos (the class I will guide for 21 Secrets 2014) we will be taking an event or situation in our own lives and mythologising the story in such a way to give us heroine status and to find the hidden gift in a story that might otherwise have weighed us down. We will be working new life into an old story. Pop over to 21 Secrets 2014 to read more about this class and all the other wonderful offerings.

"Thank you for the experience, and get me through the experience, help me appreciate the experience but most of all don't let me judge the experience. Don't let me leave my spirit in the experience. Give me the guidance, give me the visionary insight so that I can go through this experience and never leave my spirit behind" Carolyn Myss
We will be empowering our spirits within our stories, not leaving our spirits in our stories!!

And to celebrate the New Year I am giving away TWO places in 21 Secrets 2014 :

One I am giving away to a random draw: To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment here and I'll write your name on a slip and toss it into my singing bowl from which I will draw a name in a week.

To increase the number of times I write your name you could do any or all of the following, just be sure to pop back and let me know in the comments:
  • share this competition or the class on your blog, twitter, pinterest, google or facebook page
  • subscribe to my newsletter in the side bar here.
  • like my facebook page (or invite some friends to)
  • subscribe to this blog  
The second I'm giving away based on your comments, I will be picking one that I am drawn to from your comments, that I intuit should be in this class. I love reading your comments.
  • Tell me why 21 Secrets is calling to you
  • Tell me a story you would like to reframe or one you have reframed
  • Tell me do you fly or free-fall
I will pop back in a week to announce the winner, thank you and good luck.
 “I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you, and that you will work them, water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.”
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Spectrum- Holistic Visual Journaling Workshop

 This journey is about connecting with

BODY as guide and ally,

ART as intuitive, expressive oracle,

and NATURE as provider of love, lesson, abundance and belonging.

So excited to be able to finally spill about this wonderful new workshop with over 30 amazing contributors (some of whom I love dearly, including one of my inipi sisters and my land of the long white cloud sister-friend, to mention but a few, as well as many I am really looking forward to getting to know- some truly magical and wyld women) making up this beautiful collective of holistic wisdom and creative inspiration!! I'm really excited to be going on this journey with you.

Each month has a new theme, working through the body, devoted to awakening, exploring, deepening & celebrating the innate wisdom within YOU. I will be contributing to the first month "OPEN", a theme that is very consistent with my own journal work and beliefs about that but the going first is going to be pushing against my own edges, not necessarily a bad thing, we all need stretching. I'm really looking forward to doing all the months and all the lessons in my own journal (more about that in my lesson).  I do hope you'll join us if this is calling you, it's going to be AWEsome and INspiring. To find out more and check out who else is contributing to this amazing course pop over HERE

Early~Bird Sale
November 18 through December 16, 2013

Regular Price
December 17, 2013 - October 1, 2014

A 10 month online, self-guided Holistic* Visual Journaling exploration

Spectrum is a collective of 30+ holistic-minded artists, healers and visionaries that have come together to offer a 10 month online workshop in which you will create a visual field guide devoted to awakening, exploring, deepening & celebrating the innate wisdom within YOU.

  • A 10 month membership to the Spectrum Community via a private facebook group, with ongoing engagement questions
  • 11 rich pdf SPECTRUM guides sent directly to member’s inboxes once a month ~packed with project, workshop, activity, wisdom, prompt, poetry and inspiration, shared via text, video, image and audio - from over 30 artist & healer contributors (2-4 contributors per month)
  • Each month will also contain an in-depth introduction to the month’s Body~Connection theme & Visual Journaling mini-workshop with Hali Karla
  • 3 Live Spreecast meet-ups for the SPECTRUM Community, which will be recorded and available to watch at a later date for those who can’t attend
  • Optional flickr group for sharing creative works
If you do feel called to join us, feel free to sign up using my affiliate link, https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?ii=1294159&c=ib&aff=226019&cl=204091  a girl can always use some new paint ;) & if you're itching to get started on your journaling journey before then you can join me for Calling in the Elements, my self-paced journaling workshop.

I'll be drawing the winner of Calling in the Elements (pop your name in the singing bowl here if you haven't already) and sharing about a journaling process inspired by Spectrum in a couple of days.

Class work- Calling in the Elements

Things have been so busy here that it has taken me until now to put together a little promo video for Calling in the Elements so that you can see if this is for you, the flip side is  I get to share some of the class work that's happening so far. More soon on all the crazy busyness going on here.
Class work from some of the participants:
Even though the class has only been open for a short time I am already being inspired by the work of the participants. It is absolutely the best part about putting together a class like this- watching how others are inspired and where they take things, feeds straight back into the well. Thank you. I think I'm ready to work through the elements again myself.

Tracie Hanson
The above air pages are from Tracie Hanson. To see more of her page and read a bit about what came up for her pop over to her blog http://mybloominglife.blogspot.co.nz/2013/10/the-quickening.html

Kathy Duncan

Kathy has fired through the lessons and done the full cycle of the elements- just love it.

Claiming Our Mythos

Even though I've known about this for awhile, and have dreamed and planned my class (which I'm really looking forward to doing myself), I hadn't gotten so super excited until yesterday when the enrollment started and I see the work of the other artists together in the one place  and am hearing the buzz that's being generated. I'm really looking forward to this, to taking it and participating in it. And wow, it's had a record launch, possibly because of the amazing line up of artists, possibly because of it's fabulous reputation from the last few years or maybe its the new format which is as a pdf you can keep, so no expiring, no time pressure, you get to keep it and work through all the amazing classes in your own time. I will want to devour all the classes instantly and then will re-visit them time and time again. How perfect.

My Class: Claiming Our Mythos

Each of us has many stories… Our personal mythology….Stories we frame our lives and our identities through. In Claiming our Mythos we will unveil one of our own life's narratives through the sacred practice of intuitive and intentional art journaling. Through collage, journal writing, doodling, painting, and just about anything else that wants to come through you--we will reframe our personal mythos into powerful expressions of transformation.

To read about what all the other presenters are offering pop over here
& please note the early bird places are flying out the door fast so if you want that discount pop over now.

And if April is too long to wait to get your creative juices flowing and have your art journaling practice inspired please join me in Calling in the Elements, an instant access self paced art journaling e-course.

21 Secrets 2014

Did I mention there was a lot going on over here at the moment?
Well here's another super exciting thing, I am honoured to have been asked by Connie of Dirtyfootprints Studio to be one of the teachers for the 2014 21 Secrets art journaling workshop. Wow its such a fabulous line up, my beautiful Inipi sister Katie Kendricks (who I want to be when I grow up), the radiant Jane Cunningham (who I was lucky enough to have coffee with today and wish that conversation could have gone on), radiant Goddess Erin Faith Allen whose gorgeous work has been on my radar for a few years now, the fabulously raw and dynamic work of Juliette Coles and many many other fabulous artists. 21 of us in fact. And of course one of the perks is I get to join in and do all their lessons too.

If you're interested in signing up please don't delay, there's an early bird price schedule so the sooner you sign up the less it will cost you :)