Of Women made of Moonlight Magic and Macabre

Women know how to let things go
how to let a dying thing leave the body
how to become new, how to regenerate
how to wax and wan
Who's inspiring me right now? Dominque Ashaheed, whose work InSpirers in the true sense of catching my breathe, pausing my inhalation, "inflame; blow into".

Today I'm sharing this poem which cut right through me the other night as I stood in the kitchen serving dinner to waiting children listening with my body as I do with her words, tears flowing from my belly up through my eyes. I shared it on my facebook page and groups and watched it go viral amongst my friends as it spoke to their bones, souls and BLOOD. Her words speaking to all our truths and our wishes for our daughter's.

You can find another of her poems I love "i am learning how to become a flower" here  and visit her web site here

And in honouring this "necessary conversation" I am putting my "Of the Heart" on-line workshop, my daughter's menarche book, a mixed media love letter, on a 50% sale Details here .

What a Pilgrim Seeks- recent journal pages

Galia Alena Mixed Media Art Journal Pages
What a pilgrim seeks
must be found and refound,
each finding both
the fulfillment of a moment
and the echo of a desire
the illuminated spiral within

What a pilgrim seeks
lives within a single moment
the sillage of a promise
given when the soul forgot
that it was
slipped into silence

What a pilgrim seeks
are the eyes of wonder
that see with sparkling clarity
the delicate home
that was always
Galia Alena Mixed Media Art Journal Pages

i am learning how to be a flower

"What bravery to love yourself wide enough to lean into your own magic" Dominque Ashaheed

Last night I fell asleep smiling because someone had wished me "love and light and bad assery" and then this morning I woke up to this INspiring poem, such beauty to breath in first thing. Today, as on so many other days, I'm feeling truly blessed to have such a glorious extended tribe of likesouled sisters who gather online, sharing their gifts, joys and all the beautiful things that their souls urge them to birth forth to hold us all and propel us all closer to ourselves.

Please go and enjoy more of Dominque Ashaheed's work over here
 love & light & bad assery to you all. Xx

Shallow Breath Dreaming

Icicle Magic
 Shallow Breath Dreaming

My house a cocoon
I’ve woven tightly around
myself. I struggle and grow
I can’t break free. Trapped
in this house I weave.
It seduces me
It suffocates me
I escape in dreams
that leave me hungry.

A world pulling smaller
shrinking in the heat
Things come in but nothing
leaves crumble
A one way door
to life you chose
            blindly, kindly,
And the words swarm and clutter
            clutter and swarm
Silenced in their buzz

Shallow breath dreaming
Their elixir sweet as sap
To dream, perchance to live
Ay, there’s the rub
that lies in your hub
Deep down within you
The sweetest elixir of all
The one that blows ashless
And pulls you tall
For in that dream of life what life may come...