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Calling in the Elements- a mixed media journaling e-course

Calling in the Elements- a mixed media journaling e-course by Galia Alena
 Calling in the element of air, of dreaming and ideas, of where creation gifts first sprout their tender seeds, of the realms where the muses reside, swirling and blowing, flying freely. I call on the  elements of air to visit me in my dreams and deliver me gifts of inspiration and divine sparks that remind me I am one with all.
I look out the window here and I see the wind moving through the leaves, the earth reaching up to the sky and meeting in the middle with a layer of snow on top of the mountains, the light  which stretches out across the lake shimmering and sparking, the delight of spring pushing its way up through the earth to smile at the sunshine and soft transparent clouds drifting between the valleys. I feel the sacredness and the depth of such simple pleasures and magnanimous beauty. When Jane from The Trodden Path first approached me to teach a class on her ning page, after the initial woohoo and excitement and honour, I knew straight away that I wanted to work with the elements in some sacred journaling. It took awhile before I was able to sit with the elements and see what they had to teach me but finally the class in live on her site and I would be thrilled if you felt called to join us.

In this class we will be Calling in the Elements to deepen our connection with both our artistic practice, the elements and ourselves. Through some intentional sacred journaling we will be accessing a deeper level of consciousness and bringing some of our personal symbolism to the fore.
Using collage, painting, doodling, free associative writing you will learn one method to use your art journal practice as both sacred play and personal exploration.

To join this class please head over to here: Calling in the Elements

Calling in the Elements- a mixed media journaling e-course by Galia Alena Earth