✯ Deep Listening

Women need to be witnessed and heard. By listening compassionately and neither judging nor giving advice, we can hold each other, see each other, honour each other and support both our own and each other’s wisdom to heal ourselves.

✯ Begin in Wonder ✯

Curiousity ✯ Play ✯ Staying Open ✯ Experiment✯ Trust ✯ Attention

✯ Trust ✯

Yourself (you’ve got this)
Each Other (confidentiality in circle)
Process (no judging, just witness)
  Intuition (Deep listening to yourself).


Mistakes are impossible. Creativity is both a place of safety and freedom, it can take whatever you want to give it. Things which might be considered “mistakes” are opportunities to create something new and to see what is being triggered. Safety of the Circle- this is a non-judgement zone- we’re all on our own journeys at different stages.  A well intentioned but misplaced comment can unravel a creative process therefore no commenting on each others work.

✯ Nurture ✯

We each nurture the circle by being responsible for the energy we bring and we nurture ourselves by owning our own experience and asking for what we need.

✯ Creativity ✯

Everyone is a creative being and accessing our creativity can be aportal to inner wisdom, self knowledge, growth, healing and strengthening our intuition.