Blogging awards- Thank You

Galia Alena Pixel Dusting texture
 In the last month I have been honoured to received two nominations, one for the Beautiful Blogger Award, one by Bebe Butler and another I found randomly surfing by Mused for A Very Inspiring Blog Award.
The rules are simple (although I'm not sure how it works when they are two different awards lol), link back to the person who nominated you  (tick), list 7 things about yourself (ok that could be interesting) and nominate 15 other blogs (wow 15 blogs seems a lot, isn't really but kinda is, although not many given how many I follow- daunting)- here goes:

(in absolutely no particular order):

1. I abuse paint brushes (I had to hot glue my favourite one back together recently).

2. I support the chocolate separatist movement for the reclassification of chocolate as its own food group (ice cream too).

3. I moved my family to a new country on a whim 18 months ago (not something I've mentioned here really, but I just might one day).

4. I used to be a night owl, but since having children I've learned to slip out of bed in the wee quiet hours while the house is sleeping, to spend some quiet time on my own, this is when the muses sing to me.  I wish I had a pause button.

5. I miss Gardenias and Queensland mangoes.

6. Some people buy a new pair of shoes to perk themselves up, I buy cups. I drink coffee but I buy/collect tea cups too. And I have different cups for different things, coffee, chai, herbal teas, hot chocolate etc etc, each have their own special cup.

7. I love snow flakes on my eye lashes and fresh clean sheets.