Sneak Peek

I don't know why, but some how "completing" a journal is an auspicious occasion. I can't find the word for it- accomplishment, achievement, closure etc etc come to mind, none of which it all apply. I would say it's more akin to satisfaction. I think maybe because I work in so many different books, have so many different projects under way at any one time (currently I work in countless books, both visual and not, have at least 6 canvas underway, a ship in construction, a pottery figure emerging and a myriad of other ideas vying for my attention) that to actually move one to "completion" gives the other projects more space maybe. Or perhaps it is just the potential created by knowing that I now can work on a new journal, new blank pages, new dreams, new adventures, new lessons and new possibilities. The blank page beckons my imagination and the muses begin to dance. So today I am happily collecting bits of paper, fabric, recycling paintings and whatever else I can find that might like to become part of the next journal.

Spoiler alert: in it you will find a spoiler for our next planned journal as sacred vessel ritual :)