In my Travel Kit

I'm often asked what supplies I take for journaling when traveling so I thought I would do a quick post on it. Space is the biggest issue, so I have to narrow down what I "want" to take to the bare must have necessities. And then there is the huge "I'll throw that in if I have room" pile.
 The must haves:
  • A mechanical pencil
  • A water proof pen, such as a Pitt Pen, I like to use a brown rather than black, its just a bit softer in the images.
  • A writing pen
  • A water fillable paint brush
  • A pencil, a rubber and a smudger
  • A portable mini watercolour set (loaded with favourite colours) this is the

    Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Field Box
  •  Small cosmetic containers, one loaded with gesso and another with a glue of some sort like gel medium or modge podge.
  • A trusted and much abused brush
  • Loose off cuts of water colour paper (for when the journal stays in the hotel room). Quick sketches can be glued into the journal later.
  • The smallest sketch book I can find, for quick notes and sketches to transfer into the journal later.
  • Something to hold it all in.
  • And, of course, the journal itself. I like to make my own, and each depends on where I'm going and how I'm traveling as to what sort I might make.
  • Not to mention the photography and computer set up, but that's another story.
The I'd really like to take if I have room list:
Every trip has its own possibilities and challenges. My last trip, for example, was complicated as I needed to fit a complete professional photography kit (as I did a few shoots) as well as supplies needed to teach my journaling class in the States. But as it was to America I knew I could buy many supplies there a lot cheaper than taking them with me, so my supplies grew as I traveled (oh what fun, and an extra suitcase on return). When I went to Bali I knew that I would need to take with me what I needed but would be able to include some beautiful text and batiks. My theory is if you've got room take it because it's a long way to go back for, but prioritise your favourites, your trusted go tos and adapt each kit to the mood and character of the location.

In other exciting new I am teaching part of the wonderful class "Angels in my Studio" with some other amazing artist such as Chris Zydel, Tamara Sheri Ann Ponzi,  Melissa Muirhead, Rachel Payne, Claudia Olivos, Justine Van De Weg, Liz Kettle, Kristen Powers, Cheryl Irwin and Havi Mandell. It is going to be a wonderful, soulful mixed media journey. I will be leading a sacred journaling exercise where we will be inviting our angel guides to visit with us and share their messages as we connect our hands and hearts through our journaling practice. Click here to view more details