Postage Love {Just One Paragraph 12/30}

Living in a small town, in  a small country, with oceans between me and most of my friends, I've come to rely heavily on the internet, but also snail mail, good old fashioned Postage Love. I love me some postage love. Every now and then I am lucky enough to find a little package on my door step or in the letterbox, its a bit like Christmas. A recent package from the luminous Katie Kendricks, containing beautiful sari fabrics along with a fabric doll she had made, wrapped gorgeously and tied with beads, brought gentle tears of delight to my eyes and made me feel those oceans shrinking again momentarily. One of the best ways to get some Postage Love is to send some postage love so at the moment I am busily painting some postcards to send to my Easlen Inipi Sisters. The joy of painting multiple postcard art is that they serve as small little experiments, on each one I am trying something a bit different. In away they are very similar to the art journal where one has free license to experiment and try all sorts of new things, yet their small size makes them easy to curl up on the couch and draw/design on, perfect for a house fill with people still in recovery mode. When was the last time you sent some one a snail mail surprise?