♥ A Giveaway ♥- you shine with the light of a thousand suns...

I remind you that you shine with the light of a thousand suns. 
Kuan Yin 

 And the Winners...

Thank you to all the beautiful women who entered sister friends into the Circling with Kuan Yin Draw either here or on my FB page- it was so beautiful to read them all.
The names drawn to join us are Diva & Denise
And as a bonus thank you, anyone who entered who wishes to sign up will receive a free place for their sister friend to join us too. Big love to you all Xx

I hadn't planned on doing a give away/competition but she had other plans and I am listening to her. She wants you to share this with a beloved sister and that's seems perfect to me. So here's how its going to work:

To Enter:

♥♥♥ Tell me in the comments who you would l♥ve to sit in circle with Kuan Yin, who you would feel to gift this to. I will be drawing two winners in a week and both you and your sister friend will win a place in the circle ♥♥♥

For Additional Entries:
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To find out more about this circle visit here.

This year so far has felt slow and dreamy, like that still point of solstice is still holding on to me. Yet despite that gentle movement, I have painted three more paintings for my series (Celestial Grace & the Lovers), and they are both now in the shop.

Love is the bridge between you and everything. Rumi
This is the card you are never done with. Time through time, back to this one - always. After Tower, after Death, after the Devil and the Wheel of Fortune, after them all- always back to this card, to choice and of course, to practice.
Love is a practice & a choice, everyday, every moment, scary ego shattering, heart splitting, soul reminding, alone, with other, together, always this- a choice and a practice. Never done with. Always a new choice, always a new layer, whether you are marrying those parts within yourself, raising children, choosing partnership, showing up to humanity- always a choice and a practice.
Big love, little love, passionate poetry inspiring, ship sailing love, daily love, mundane love, unrequited love- all of it a practice, in the moment, to chose that reason you came, to remember why you came and to live who you really are.
There is so much more to say on this card- about dissolving boundaries between Other, about mirrors, about alchemy and sacred magic, sacred union, about the soul’s truest flight... Only I stand here, at the first corner of this dark and wondrous labyrinth, bare and naked, in fierce vulnerability I choose...