Some Pages from Bali

 It's getting closer to Christmas and the January holidays, which in this part of the world mean Summer Holidays, and my heart is getting wistful for another wandering trip. January is traditionally a time to travel and explore, but for this coming one we have no trips planned because I will be spending most of April away from home (in Virginia for SoulFire Retreats and for some photographic shoots in Sydney). We will probably load up the car and hit the road exploring this country that we've land in less than 2 years ago, so much of New Zealand still to see (in fact most of it).
The yearning to travel has me perusing my last travel journal, from Bali this past February, touching the soft, gently used Batiks I used for its cover and flicking through the pages of the adventures we had and the beauty we saw. Seeing the marks made on our travel, and the paraphernalia collected along the way glued in and reading little vignettes and stories, sweeps me right back into that experience and my gypsy heart is glad I have these tangible memories which allow me to travel back from my armchair with.
Itchy gypsy toes.

Water Colour Notes from Bali

Galia Alena, water colour, Bali
Cafe Lotus View
Galia Alena, water colour, Bali
Arma Museum
Galia Alena, water colour, Bali
Temples & Mopeds

Bali is full of so much eye candy, no matter where your eyes settle their is inspiration, rich craftsmanship, luscious foliage, offerings to the many gods and goddesses and ripe fruits hanging heavy. The place is dense with detail and life bustling everywhere. There's a sense of being in a sacred temple everywhere in Bali, even outside, where the very sky itself seems to descend and complete this island temple with its rain bearing clouds.
You can find a photo of the temple in the first painting here.

Bali Travel Journal

I've finished putting together my travel journal from Bali, well as finished as you can ever be, I'm sure there will be more doodles and writing, but finished for now. I never know what to call them, half journal, half sketch book, half art journal, half memoir, and yes I know, that's a lot of halves. I guess really its a no rules applies way to process and sit with the experience of traveling to another place. Some is done there and some is done on return when photos are processed as are experiences. What I do know is that they are a very tangible memory, especially the marks and brush strokes laid down in a place. I need only rest my hand on the cover of my Canadian journal and I am swept back.