Journal as Opening

This is is a mini workshop creating a journal page that was originally made as a module for the collaborative course Spectrum, 2014. This is just my lesson where I create this page.

Self-paced with access to the classroom for a minimum of a year.

4 videos (approx 40 mins)

Class Description: Journaling as Opening

In this lesson we will be exploring both what it means to be open and using an art journal as an opening through which to allow our dreamtime, our unconscious, our spirit guides and our divine messages to enter.

This is how I work, holding space, holding an opening, holding questions- all of it loosely, all of it receptively, all of it with a degree of "wise effort"- watching and listening, observing and responding.  This is the dance I share here as I create this journal page, listening to the messages, and practicing showing up, practicing being receptive, practicing being open.